Legislation Is A Must Regarding Asbestos Usage

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Building a house or an office or any other building is quite a laborious task as it requires planning and assessments and then executions. And a whole lot of time and money is invested in to it. But also it is extremely important that you follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities regarding construction, which includes the materials that can be used, number of stories that can be built in a residential area or in a commercial area etc. These rules are set to ensure certain safety standards, for your and for your dear ones, in addition with increasing environmental issues, the focus is to make a construction as environment friendly as possible. For an assessment of your project, it is best advised that you contact a consultancy that offers these services to residents across Australia, and one that you should go for is Edge Group.

Know about Edge Group

Based in the city of Melbourne, Edge group is known for their services in three distinct sectors: regarding environmental concerns and how to build safely, how to avoid usage of hazardous materials in construction and management of land if it is contaminated. A wide range of services come under these three categories and these are available for public and private sectors. As a consultancy, you can completely trust them, as they have both the knowledge and experienced in regarding environmental concerns regarding construction and will therefore provide you a holistic analysis of your problems along with possible solutions to manage them.

Why is an environmental assessment important?

Anything and everything we do affects the ecosystem we live in, and it in turn eventually affects us, for instance, contaminating water bodies is eventually going to reduce fresh water supply on earth. Similarly, certain materials used during building such as asbestos is harmful not only for the environment but also for you if it is available in a higher percentage. Therefore before you start with construction, you must contact Edge Group as there are so many factors that you may not even know of such as quality of soil and level of water underground that may arise latter, and only an expert has the eye to locate and identify them before work begins. In order to contact them for any of their services, contact them through phone at the following number: (03) 8625 9696 or email them at the following email address: info@edgegroup.net.au.

Asbestos and the regulations

The team at Edge Group is licensed, hence can rightfully check presence of asbestos legislation from Melbourne in you building. Rules and regulations regarding asbestos are a must to follow as they can pose a threat to human health as severe as cancer. For those of you who don’t know what asbestos is, it is one of the materials used in insulation of homes, so that you can live in peace during the harsh winters and hot summer. Materials which are to be tested for asbestos presence include: tiles used on floors, pipes made out if cement and ceilings etc.

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