Biodegradable Cup Good For An Environment!

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Biodegradable is organic compound. This material consists decomposable material. It is made up of breakdown of organic matter by microorganism. Where the global warming is increasing day to day and plastic bag and plastic made material occupies the land.  In this scenario biodegradable is good to reduce the land and water pollution. It is need of time that every person starts playing role and starts using biodegradable products.

Why biodegradable cups are good?

Emission of carbon dioxide:

Biodegradable plastic is good to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is biggest source to increase global warming. Global warming is increasing temperature of earth. Plastic is core reason of global warming. To reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, people must start using biodegradable plastic. Biodegradable cups and other products reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.Normal plastic manufacturing emits 8 tons of carbon dioxide. While bioplastic just emits 4 tons of carbon dioxide. It reduces global warming on earth.

Consume less energy:

Biodegradable cups consume less energy. Otherplastic products need energy in manufacturing process. Biodegradable plastic products consume less energy in manufacturing. It also does not fossil fuel during manufacturing process.Normal plastic needs more energy and also burning of fossil fuel during manufacturing.More bioplastic manufacturing produces less carbon dioxide.

Need more landfill:      

Plastic need more land to discard. It also takes decades to decompose. Bioplastic or Biodegradable cups take less landfill to discard. It also decomposes more rapidly than plastic. Bioplastic consume by soil and decompose. It does not need space to dispose. Bioplastic converts into humus or compost instead of filling land.


Biodegradable cups can recycle easily.  It needs not time to recycle. Plastic needs decades and sometime centuries to decompose. Biodegradable cups also recycle easily because it is made up of simple elements and compounds.


Plastic also contains toxic chemicals and substances. Bioplastic contains organic and nontoxic substances. Biodegradable cups are good for environment and land.

Biodegradable cups are good for environment. Plastic is harmful for environment as well also for humans. It is producing global warming. Temperature of land also increases due to plastic and its compounds. Bioplastic is best to reduce global warming on land and also make environment clear and human friendly. Biodegradable cups are good for environment.

Emission of carbon dioxide is also main cause of environmental pollution. Plastic is biggest source of carbon dioxide. Bioplastic reduces emission of carbon dioxide. Bioplastic also reduces consumption of energy. Every year tons of carbon dioxide and harmful energy emit by plastic companies. Bioplastic consume less energy as compare to plastic. Bioplastic can recycle easily. Plastic takes decades to recycle, but biodegradable cups decompose easily and use by soil.

Biodegradable cups are made up of nontoxic substances. It is best and safe to use on daily basis. Bioplastic is best way to use different things. It also reduces the landfill. For further information about biodegradable products visit:

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