It’s An Offence

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There is a broad spectrum under which so many things are considered as traffic rule violation. Every single citizen of Australia must be aware of every single rule of traffic. There are certain mistakes which may harm a person’s own life, but certainly traffic rule violation is something which can harm the lives of others and this is something which must be treated with zero tolerance. Hence in order to help the Aussies here are some traffic rules which need to be followed at all-time no matter what:

License: very basic thing is to own a valid driving license. For those who things it’s not necessary should ask a question to their own selves, “would you prefer to be treated by a butcher? Or a licensed medical practitioner?” hence driving without a driving license is similar to the above mentioned situation. Without getting in much detail learners should have an “L plate” and must drive under the supervision of a full Australian license holder (must be a license holder for at least 4 continuous years). Moreover, in order to facilitate the residents, authorities of Australia has allowed a provisional license if the residents are at least 17 years old. Link here https://www.canaanlawyers.com.au will offer a licensed in legal service that can solved your any problems.

Drink and drug: zero tolerance not only in Australia but also, in every country is found for drink and drive or under any other drug influence and drive. The official and legal tolerance limit of BAC is 0.05 for matured driving license holders. Whereas for learners the limit is .00 BAC strictly.

Speed limit: although the speed limit could be found easily on the limit boards (on the roadside). But still in Australia there are roads which have absolutely no speed limit such as roads sections of Northern Territory, however in other regions and streets there are strictly defined speed limits. In Australia if the speed limit board is not there one has to restrict to 25 mph (only if the board is not there).

Red lights disobey: this is different from speed limit issue. There is no rule of the disobedience of a red light except for penalty. If in case something fatal happens proper criminal proceedings would be initiated as per the traffic offence lawyers.

Due care: this is quite general that in Australia in order to save lives, the government has further segmented the speed and red lights disobedience; like they have made a rule of due care during drive which means zigzag drive, any kind of stunts, screeches, racing in city area all are considered as lack of due diligence during drive in the eye of Australian law. Dangerous driving not giving the pedestrians their due rights (including animals) is an offence in Australia.

Folks! Driving and speeding are thrill but one cannot just ignore the significance of safety of others (who are walking on the streets) or those who are riding bicycles and motorcycles. So it’s better to be cautious than to be sorry.

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